Social importance

StoneCastle has grown into a company of social importance, Mr Rrustem Gecaj, a very successful businessman from America of Albanian descent, decided in 2006 to make his contribution to the people dear to him. This resulted in the purchase of StoneCastle Vineyards and Winery and provided thousands of jobs for the people of Kosovo, the profits were reinvested in order to grow further and provide more and more people with the security to build a healthy life for themselves and their families.

You notice this in the company’s love for Kosovo, the wines and the will to work hard and get the best result for the wine. Many families are proud of this and pass on the knowledge to their children who, when they are 18 years or older, also have the opportunity to take over the work of their father or mother within a financially stable company with a heart for people, animals, nature and product.