Quality process

Quality process

Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery is a hidden gem in the heart of the Rahovec Valley, a region with over 2,000 years of winemaking culture. In the Vineyards of Stone Castle we grow the highest quality grapes resulting in top quality wines. Combining the latest technological developments with traditional winemaking methods, from manually picking grapes that exceed quality standards to stoning and fermentation, ageing in oak barrels, bottling, corking and labelling. Stone Castle gives the best to each bottle which is unique, the wines are made with passion and love for the product you will find in every bottle. Stone Castle is dedicated and focused on making products that meet the highest quality standards.

Growth of grapes

The Stone Castle Vineyard and Winery owns no less than 2200 hectares of land of which more than 600 hectares are actively used for the vineyards, which means that we are now able to serve every customer and scale up where necessary. The capacity to date is infinite, which makes us flexible for every potential customer. The Stone Castle vineyards are located in the gentle hills of the municipality of Rahovec at an altitude of 350 to 520 metres above sea level and are exposed to solar radiation of as much as 270 days a year, which ensures the production of very high quality grapes. The Stone Castle vineyards are cultivated under the supervision of experts and advanced agro-technical measures, resulting in fantastic wines of the highest quality.


Grape harvesting at Stone Castle’s Vineyards is done manually under the supervision of qualified staff where the technological maturity of the grape is assessed, only grapes that meet these high expectations are picked manually and used for our wines. Harvesting at Stone Castle begins in early September and ends in the second half of October.


In the Vineyards of StoneCastle the wine is stored in oak barrels. The quality wines are stored in one of the largest underground wooden cellars with a capacity of 5,000,000 litres, where temperatures are constant throughout the year, from 13 to 16 º C. The standard white table wines are aged in stainless steel containers, while red wines are aged in stainless steel tanks, many hours are spent on this ageing process to guarantee the highest quality. When the wines are ready, storage of packaged wines in our modern warehouse with an insulation system and constant temperature results in taste and quality preservation.