Enterprise Stone Castle, formerly known as “NBI Rahoveci” in Rahovec, was founded in 1953, along with the evolution of the grape and wine industry in this region, which began after the Second World War. Since the cultivation of the grape and wine production near Rahovec and in Kosovo it dates back to ancient Illyrian times, the 2000 year old tradition in these regions, is confirmed by many archaeological evidence. Climatic conditions, soil quality, geographical location at an altitude of 350-500m, tradition and passion of the people of this region for viticulture and wine grapes have contributed to the production of wine with a unique taste and high quality.

In 1953 NBI Rahoveci was founded as the first social enterprise, and in 1955 the first Vineyard in Rahovec opened its doors (at that time Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia). This company has realised production successes, by expanding areas with vineyards and increasing technological production capacities. through the takeover of NBI Rahoveci, the company was privatised in 2006. Enterprise Stone Castle in Rahovec is owned by successful American businessman from Kosovo, Rrustem Gecaj.