Nature, man and animal

Respect for nature, people and animals is very important to us. Our agricultural practices reflect our respect for the conscious management of natural resources. All our wine products are vegan certified and we use sustainable farming techniques.

Energy conservation

By using our “gravity flow winemaking system”, Stone Castle promotes sustainable energy methods that allow the wine to flow through gravity. This allows the wine to gently extract colour, flavour and tannin, promoting green energy while at the same time benefiting our planet.


We use lighting with lower energy consumption in our production areas (90% LED-friendly, saving more than 30% energy compared to traditional sources). In addition, we use motion sensors to detect sunlight, saving energy and using less lighting.

Water saving

The winery implemented the use of high-pressure, low-flow system for cleaning tanks and barrels, saving many thousands of litres of water.

Organic farming

In line with our vegan certifications, we have embarked on the path of becoming an organic farming facility with the intention of certifying all products within the Stone Castle family as organic by 2022.

Solar energy

In 2019, the winery started installing solar panels. With solar energy driving the winery’s daily energy needs, Stone Castle Vineyard’s ‘off-grid’ approach will take a new step in protecting and conserving our environment.